Client Stories

Every client we work with faces unique challenges and dilemmas. We customize our process to meet their specific circumstances so they can achieve the best results possible. See how we helped these individual clients achieve breakthroughs that altered their careers, businesses and lives. Please contact us for stories of our work with teams, boards and organizations.

Influencing the Promotion Process
Lynne W had been passed over for promotion at her global bank, despite all the right career moves and excellent work performance.  Once we discovered what was getting in her way, she was promoted to Senior Vice President within six months.  Read Lynne’s story.

Left-brained Engineer Discovers People
Jim C was a brilliant engineer in a global financial institution. He had been promoted to a leadership role because of his technical expertise, but was so efficient and creative that he left his team behind him.  At first, he could carry the success on his own, but started to realize that he had to be a more effective communicator, change agent and people developer if he was to be successful as a leader.  Read Jim’s story.

Defusing Interdepartmental Tensions
Tammy D was a caring nurturing leader to her direct reports, but a fierce tiger when it came to other colleagues. When she learned how to partner with others, her interpersonal productivity soared, saving time and money wasted on conflict and miscommunication. Read Tammy’s story.

Learning the Subtler Arts of Leadership
Len G had been an extremely effective project manager, who got things done.  But his brusque manner and direct style intimidated people and started affecting his ability to lead, as he rose higher in the organization.  He recognized he had to modify his style if he was going to get the results he wanted.  Read Len’s story.

Turning Round a Fear of Public Speaking
Marion C was an accomplished leader who was very comfortable and effective communicating in most settings, but she loathed public speaking.  The more visible she needed to be, the more exposed she felt.  Once we identified the triggers that caused her anxiety, we found practical, effective solutions that helped her become a sought after motivational speaker, confident and comfortable with audiences of any size. Read Marion’s story.

Strategic Self-Management – Impact on Performance
Maureen B was an “out of control” controller in a global company. She was stressed, overwhelmed and pulled in a thousand directions. Increasingly isolated, she had started to drop the ball, even in areas where she had previously been strong.  Her personal life and health were starting to suffer and she could not see a way out of her mess. Within six months, she had turned herself and her team’s performance around. Read Maureen’s story.

Defining your Personal Leadership Brand
Michael K enjoyed a rapid rise through his old organization and into a new one, but the strain of “drinking from a fire hose” and always seeking to please others threatened him with burnout.  It was only when he learned to draw on his inner resources of personal power that he was able to make a clear, sustainable impact on his organization. Read Michael’s story.

  • Testimonial

    “I highly recommend Fredia as an executive coach. As a result of working with her for nearly two years, I have grown as a leader and have deeper insight into my strengths, but more importantly she inspired me to overcome mental blocks that limited my effectiveness as a leader. Fredia continuously pushes you slightly past your comfort zone, without making it feel daunting. Over time, I began to realize these little steps of progress have transported me to the next level. My newfound confidence is elevating me and my team to new heights. I will be forever grateful for her insights and techniques.”
    Senior Vice President, Global Technology Organization