Executive Coaching for Individuals

Programs have a laser focus on the individual and typically last for six to nine months.  We gather data through self-reporting, interviews with others and, often, a selection of appropriate assessment tools (such as MBTI, DiSC, EQi2.0).  Based on the findings and on business needs, we jointly craft a personal action plan, to leverage strengths and opportunities, and to close gaps in pinpointed areas.  Through dialogue, action, reflection, observation, and more action, we facilitate new insights and positive change.

Mid-level leaders and high potentials:

  • develop specific skills to advance the achievement of business objectives
  • accelerate their transition to a larger role or new position
  • create strategies to overcome obstacles to career success
  • build the confidence to influence change and work through others

C-suite and senior executives:

  • enhance their overall effectiveness as leaders
  • improve their ability to drive important change initiatives
  • alleviate the “loneliness at the top” and gain insight into blind spots
  • develop a broader perspective or a global world-view

Team Coaching and Group Facilitation

With intact teams, our methodology entails working with the team leader, individuals on the team, and the team as a whole, to improve performance, cohesion and team productivity. We participate strategically, observing the team real time in meetings, and intervene at specific times.  Typically, we focus on structural issues (such as role clarity, scope definition or meeting efficiency), leadership issues (such as trust and engagement), and interpersonal issues (such as communication and conflict). This format is based on “action learning” principles in which leadership development occurs in the context of real work projects.

We also facilitate leadership retreats and offsites for the purpose of deepening institutional insights, strengthening cross-functional or cross-border collaboration, and accomplishing the development of organizational vision, mission and strategic planning.

Ideal for:

  • Intact teams wishing to boost performance and cohesion
  • Cross-functional or cross-cultural teams who work globally or virtually
  • Leadership teams and boards needing to unify vision or redefine mission and strategy
  • On-boarding of new leaders
  • Post merger and acquisition integration



  • Testimonial

    “I highly recommend Fredia as an executive coach. As a result of working with her for nearly two years, I have grown as a leader and have deeper insight into my strengths, but more importantly she inspired me to overcome mental blocks that limited my effectiveness as a leader. Fredia continuously pushes you slightly past your comfort zone, without making it feel daunting. Over time, I began to realize these little steps of progress have transported me to the next level. My newfound confidence is elevating me and my team to new heights. I will be forever grateful for her insights and techniques.”
    Senior Vice President, Global Technology Organization