How to go SLOW

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beehiveExactly a hundred years ago, Albert Einstein revolutionized the way scientists think about space and time, revealing that they are more flexible than we think. So if time is flexible, can we slow things down? How can we create more time and spaciousness for ourselves, when our crazy busy way of life mitigates against this?

Instead of the 150 mph rush, which in the end leaves us exhausted and unfulfilled, why not make a conscious decision to just SLOW down? The stress, swirl and strife that hurt performance and fuel conflict in the workplace could be tempered by a simple shift in pace. Paradoxically,  going SLOW can actually make you more productive and creative, and able to achieve more with less struggle. Read more

The Traps of Reactive Leadership

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Hard-working, high-achieving people are often rewarded with promotion and positions of leadership. But often, their motivation, drive, and competence, prove to be counter-productive. Used to meeting their own high standards, excelling in their own expertise, and rising to challenges, they just dig in and work more furiously as more responsibility and demands are thrown their way.

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Four Strategies for Dealing with Discomfort at Work

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bigstock-Help-787861Sometimes problems at work can take up a disproportionate amount of time and brain-space. Whether you are a top-level executive or anywhere else on the organizational chart, you might find a particular issue churning over in your mind at night and draining your energy during the day. It could be about anything: the future of your business or your career, a problem with your boss, colleague or your employees. But the stress can build, and, as your brain defaults to freeze, flight or fight mode, you can feel trapped, with little room to maneuver.

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The Hi-Po Dilemma

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“Hi-po’s” are people who are partway up the mountain, but still have some way to climb.  They are recognized as having high potential, and can be groomed or promoted as future leaders in an organization, but don’t always have the strategic vision or breadth of skill set required to successfully take on senior leadership roles.

Many managers have an instinctive sense of who those high performers are, but there is no certainty that hi-po’s will realize their full potential. As a manager of hi-po’s, you need to ensure you and your organization offer consistent, conscious support or you will risk demotivating or losing the hi-po talent it is so hard to replace.  Here are some typical pitfalls that prevent the successful identification and development of hi-po’s: Read more

Creating a Leadership Development Plan: Step 1

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In recent weeks, I have been working with many clients on creating a personal and professional development plan, which will help them focus their time and efforts, and achieve improvements in some of the following areas that are critical to leadership and career effectiveness.

–       how to increase productivity, and achieve more with less time, stress and struggle

–       how to increase interpersonal effectiveness, which includes managing up, down and laterally, influencing others when they may or may not have direct authority, and generally getting the best from other people

–       how to build a personal brand, and manage or shift other people’s perceptions of them

–       how to manage a career, and gain advancement and satisfaction from their work.

You, too, can create a plan for yourself by following some simple steps. Read more

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    “I highly recommend Fredia as an executive coach. As a result of working with her for nearly two years, I have grown as a leader and have deeper insight into my strengths, but more importantly she inspired me to overcome mental blocks that limited my effectiveness as a leader. Fredia continuously pushes you slightly past your comfort zone, without making it feel daunting. Over time, I began to realize these little steps of progress have transported me to the next level. My newfound confidence is elevating me and my team to new heights. I will be forever grateful for her insights and techniques.”
    Senior Vice President, Global Technology Organization