Four Strategies for Dealing with Discomfort at Work

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bigstock-Help-787861Sometimes problems at work can take up a disproportionate amount of time and brain-space. Whether you are a top-level executive or anywhere else on the organizational chart, you might find a particular issue churning over in your mind at night and draining your energy during the day. It could be about anything: the future of your business or your career, a problem with your boss, colleague or your employees. But the stress can build, and, as your brain defaults to freeze, flight or fight mode, you can feel trapped, with little room to maneuver.

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Six “C-crets” to Transforming Difficult Conversations

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bigstock-Unpleasant-conversation-The-b-27250214Conversations are the basic building-blocks of relationships, so when a conversation goes badly, there is a lot at stake. Difficult conversations are difficult for a reason. They stir something deep within us. When our emotions are triggered, or our sense of identity threatened, we are  programmed to fight or flee,  so it makes sense to try and avoid them.  We fear losing our cool or causing discomfort, so we may just hide away from a potentially unpleasant situation and sweep the issue under the rug.  But, as we know, avoidance usually makes things worse.  When left to fester, issues escalate and it becomes ever more difficult to broach those conversations and face up to awkward or sensitive topics in a non-confrontational, non-inflammatory way.

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    “I highly recommend Fredia as an executive coach. As a result of working with her for nearly two years, I have grown as a leader and have deeper insight into my strengths, but more importantly she inspired me to overcome mental blocks that limited my effectiveness as a leader. Fredia continuously pushes you slightly past your comfort zone, without making it feel daunting. Over time, I began to realize these little steps of progress have transported me to the next level. My newfound confidence is elevating me and my team to new heights. I will be forever grateful for her insights and techniques.”
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